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Yo! This will be my new page. It will be filled with things I want to tell you about :)

About me

I’m a Physics PhD Student at the University of Washington. My research interests center on machine learning, photonics, and applied mathematics.

Prior to academia, I worked as a private tutor and test prep instructor, event and logistics manager, marketing data analyst, and psychology research assistant.

I’m a fan of guitar, writing, chess, rock climbing, hiking, lifting, travel, spontaneous forays into art, and game design.

About this page

I made this site on Github Pages using the Jekyll static site engine. The theme I adapted from Brume theme. Github Pages provides free storage, Jekyll is FOSS, and the Brume theme is similarly free under a Creative Commons license.

Vector icons, like the symbol on the home page are implemented using Font Awesome and Academicons. Code highlighting, such as that seen in this post, is via Prism CSS and Javascript. Again, all free to use.

Pretty sweet.