Dodge the Creeps! A Godot game.

I tried out the Godot game engine and made an Android game called Dodge the Creeps! You can download it here.

I grew up making games.

I grew up enamored with video games. Naturally, as a youth, I ventured to make my own. This started by drawing pen and paper levels in elementary school to dabbling in old-school simplified game engines such as Click ‘n Create and archaic versions of the still-alive RPG Maker as a teen. My success was mostly limited to distributing a handful of 3.5” floppies to curious friends, but it was amazing fun. Anyway, I decided that game design is worth a revisit. On Sunday, I spent the morning working through a tutorial project in Godot, an open-source game engine designed at MIT.

Why Godot?

I recommend Godot as a piece of software. It’s rising in popularity, works for both 2D and 3D game design, and is completely free to use even for commercial purposes. Well-known contenders such as Unity are appealing too, but I’m enjoying the accessibility of Godot’s native and pythonic GDScript script, the ability to also use C# scripting, and it’s multi-OS compatability including Linux support.

Dodge the Creeps!

The game I worked on is a tutorial called Dodge the Creeps! It’s a classic, top-down dodge the bad guys game. The assets and design are all from the tutorial, but I ported the game to Android and mapped the controls to the phone’s accelorometer. In my version, you play it by holding your phone level and tilting the screen to move.

You can play it by downloading the Dodge.apk file off my GitHub onto your Android device and running the app.